You will find forms and documents below you may need to use as you work in the SSC. Some are reporting forms and others are coaching forms used to assist students as they refine their academic practices. All are welcome to use these forms whether it is for an SSC program or not.

Reporting Forms

Tutor Meeting Request Form.doc

Tutors and Coaches should send this form to any student requesting a meeting. The student should return the form to the Tutor or Coach at least one day before the meeting for preparation time.


Student Success Center Faculty Referral Form


Study Group Sign In.doc

When meeting with three or more students, please have them sign in using this form. Please do not report this meeting on the Google form as you would for a session with one or two students.

Study Group Record.doc

After a study group meeting, please complete this form sharing the topics covered and a short evaluation of the session.

Coaching Forms

Academic Self-Assessment.doc

The Academic Self-Assessment should be used for the initial visit with a student seeking to improve his or her academic performance. Have the student complete and return the form to you before your first coaching meeting; review the answers together when you meet.

Weekly Goals Form.doc

This form used in the STEP Program gives space for students to write out four goals for the week, an action plan for each goal, and resources to be used in achieving each goal. 


Study Cycle Form.doc

The Study Cycle (design from Purdue University Academic Success Center) offers a method for approaching studying for classes each week. The Study Cycle Form is a place for you to fill in information and questions as you perform each step in the Cycle.


This Excel file includes five business days broken down by each half hour from 6 am to 9 pm and additional space for Saturday and Sunday. Students should fill in ALL activities for each day to see how they are spending their time and, perhaps, how they could be spending it in ways that might lead to more academic success.