What is Peer Tutoring?
Peer tutoring is individual, course-specific tutoring provided by a qualified, currently enrolled nursing student. Peer tutors are typically students who have been recommended by faculty based on their exceptional academic performance.
Peer tutoring sessions vary in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour and are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the tutor and the tutee. Tutees may request that the tutorial session be held in-person or online--whichever is most convenient.

Although the Peer Tutor may plan the format and some activities for each session, the direction of the tutorial is largely determined by the tutee who requested the appointment and who has specific material to be covered or a specific question to be answered.

Who is eligible to receive Peer Tutoring?
All currently enrolled nursing students are eligible to receive peer tutoring. Students are able to meet with a peer tutor for up to two hours per week free of charge. 
How do I set up a Peer Tutoring appointment?

Email the Student Success Center at academicresources@mccn.edu and a peer tutor will contact you to set up an appointment.