What is Peer Tutoring?
Peer tutoring is individual, course-specific tutoring provided by a qualified, currently enrolled, nursing student.  Peer tutors are typically students who have been recommended by faculty based on their exceptional academic performance.
Who is eligible to receive Peer Tutoring?
All currently enrolled, undergraduate nursing students are eligible to receive peer tutoring.  Students are able to meet with a peer tutor for two hours per week free of charge.  The two hour maximum applies per course, so you can have additional support if you would like a peer tutor for another course.
How do I apply for Peer Tutoring?

Contact the SSC at academicresurces@mccn.edu

Virtual tutoring

We know our students lead very busy lives. That's why we've created ways to connect with Faculty Coaches and Peer Tutors from anywhere with an Internet connection. Meetings will be held through Google Hangouts using your mccn.edu email address. Follow this link to view a video explaining more about using this great online meeting resource.

Would you like to be a peer tutor?
Are you a student who always finds yourself working with others, leading study groups, or helping a friend with their coursework? The Student Success Center is always interested in hiring peer tutors with special academic skills in nursing, teaching, studying, and test-taking. You can sign up to tutor in a particular class or to provide more general help. You can work with only one student or more than one in a variety of subjects.
If you are interested in learning more, contact Nancy Hann at Nhann@mccn.edu
Thank you in advance for your willingness to support your peers in achieving success!
Not sure if you need a tutor? Here is some helpful advice -
While this is aimed at high school students, the same holds true for college students.