Tests are an unavoidable part of school. Particularly in higher education, you must first demonstrate you’ve mastered material in order to build on it with new information.  Tests show what you’ve learned and identify your strengths and weaknesses. They can be indicators of where your passions lie and where you need to do some extra work. Rather than viewing tests as roadblocks, embrace them as opportunities to show your stuff and tools to help you improve.

You’ll see some resources below that we hope will be helpful in improving your test-taking skills, particularly as nursing students. If you have any other resources you like to use or suggestions that your classmates may find helpful, please pass them along to The ARC so we can share them here.

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11 Test Taking Tips & Strategies for Nurses

"Whether taking the NCLEX, the NLE, or your finals, these 11 test taking tips and strategies will help you understand on how to properly answer each question."

Test Taking Techniques for Nursing Students

This tutorial is divided into three parts: 1) Test Taking Techniques for Multiple Choice Tests, 2) Challenging Verbs Commonly Found in the Medical Setting, and 3) Health Idioms.

Why Did I Fail That Nursing Test

It doesn't have to be a matter of failing a test but maybe just not doing as well as you expected. This YouTube video covers reading test questions, noting keywords, and the process of choosing the best answer. If you're a student who can narrow your answer down to two choices but always seem to choose the wrong one, this just might be the help you've been seeking.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

This website from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine looks at the causes and symptoms of test anxiety and then offers some tips reducing it.